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Welcome To HD Industries, Inc.

What HD Industries Can Do For You.

  • Listen to information management needs of business, government, and the non-profit community, and design unique solutions that work.
  • Provide tools for data collection, communication, and analysis.
  • Help you do what you do better.

Who We Are.

HD Industries, Inc. has provided custom database software and systems support since 1990. Based in Sacramento, California, the company specializes in database solutions for Windows and Macintosh systems.

HD Industries creates client-server, Web based and stand-alone database solutions that are designed to meet specific needs. This involves producing data management systems that work for you to fulfill your needs in ways that "canned" programs cannot. HD Industries is large enough to provide the resources you need and small enough to provide the personal attention you expect.

HD Industries designs databases to serve the mighty and the soon-to-be mighty. HD Industries is a CMAS vendor with the State of California, and has served over a half dozen departments and agencies.

Let our team of database developers go to work for you!